8 Boho Colour Palette Inspirations for a Bohemian Style Home

Boho style living room

Why Choose The Bohemian Style?

The world of interior design has so many styles to draw inspiration from, and at one point or another, you have probably stumbled upon the bright and culture-inspired style that is bohemian. It has been chosen by many because it is closely related to an unconventional way of life, perfect for interior designers who want to think outside the box.

In the world of bohemian style, there are no hard and fast rules; it is where earthy tones meet rich textures to create home decor and design that represents who you are as a person and showcases your experiences. The boho style incorporates elements that create a relaxed and visually appealing atmosphere.

Boho Color Palette - What Exactly Are They?

When considering a boho color palette, you may wonder, "What exactly constitutes such colors?" Let us explain. A boho color palette includes neutrals like white and light grey, as well as vibrant jewel tones like teal and electric blue. Because it is based on the bohemian belief of not being bound by rules, this palette is likely to be one of the loudest and most vibrant you have ever seen.

Some of the most common colors in a boho colour scheme are yellow, brown, white, light grey, blue, and red. A combination of these colors may be too much visually in other styles, but boho just finds a way to make them work and look effortlessly cohesive.

Boho Colours - Finding the Perfect Palette for You!

While boho is all about being free to choose whichever color scheme you want, there are some colour combinations that work better together than others. 

Here are 8 boho colour schemes that the team at The World in Cushions have personally used in creating our colourful cushions and have seen in the interior design industry that truly give a magical look and feel to any space.

1. Sunset Boho

sunset boho home decor colours
source: pinterest

The sunset is one of the most beautiful things we see everyday, which is probably why mustard yellow and rust orange are frequently used in boho-style rooms. Yellow is associated with happiness, and it brightens up any room. Orange is a mature and relaxed colour that helps balance the vibrancy of yellow tones. Green plants and leather furniture and accessories complement this colour scheme nicely.

2. Romantic Boho

romantic boho lounge room
source: pinterest

Picture a white lace dress, dried flowers, and rattan furniture. Romantic boho is not just a popular wedding theme but also in interior design! Rose gold, lilac, warm whites, light grey, and peachy beige are the trademark colours of the romantic boho color palette. This color scheme creates a whimsical vibe, almost like something out of a fairytale.

3. Moroccan Boho

moroccan living room
source: pinterest

Morocco is a country steeped in history, and this reflects in its textiles and fabrics. The Mediterranean boho style values individuality, whether in furniture, wall colour, or decor. It features hand-carved wooden furniture as well as brightly coloured pillows and rugs.

Moroccan tiles are also used in interior design because they pay homage to the country's culture. Hanging plants are also a trademark of Moroccan boho decor as if to bring as much nature into your home as possible.

4. Groovy Boho

groovy boho home
source: pinterest

We would be remiss if we did not include the hippies of the 1960s on this list, as they helped popularise the bohemian style. The colour combinations of this palette are best described as "groovy." Colours that best represent groovy boho are lighter shades of blue, darker greys, violets, soft orange hues, all shades of brown, and hints of black. Some designers use copper and metal finishes on light fixtures and wall decor to modernise the overall look and feel.

5. Scandi Boho

scandi boho style

source: pinterest

Scandinavian and bohemian styles are great individually; but when you put them together, something magical is created. It is the definition of a cozy, down-to-earth style that makes you feel at home right when you walk in.

Scandi boho is distinguished by white walls, light wood furniture, and neutral-colored accessories such as white cushions or grey throw blankets. Natural light also plays an important role in this colour palette, providing a warm glow to everything. To tie the look together, green hues are introduced in the form of plants scattered throughout the space.

6. Nature Inspired Boho

nature inspired boho decor

source: pinterest

This colour scheme is the most straightforward of the bunch. Some designers use the aspect of boho style that is grounded in and inspired by nature as a focal point of the entire theme. The use of a wide range of browns and greens unifies the look and makes it particularly pleasing to the eye. Grey and orange accents are also used to add a dash of colour and contrast to the overall design.

7. Pastel Boho

pastel boho bedroom
source: pinterest

A pastel colour palette has the right amount of white to make traditional colours appear paler and softer, giving them a youthful look. Pale, airy colours are popular in pastel boho decor because they are soothing and catch the light perfectly. Lemon yellow, coral, sage, mint green, and baby pink are among the most popular colours. Add a mature touch by introducing black, white, and wood elements into the space.

8. Metro Boho

metro boho decor

For a city apartment, this is a great boho style option because it has less frills and more clean lines. It uses shades of grey as the foundation while adding wood furniture and plants to soften the look, avoiding becoming too industrial. This is the perfect combination of a modern aesthetic and earthy tones for us.

Boho Cushions by The World in Cushions

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Our boho cushions are the perfect accessories to complete any type of boho color palette in the list above, elevating the look of any room without breaking the budget. Shop our collection today!

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