Bedroom Cushions

Transform up your bedroom design with our expressive cushions

A bedroom is the place where we welcome beautiful mornings and embrace relaxation after a long productive day. Having the perfect cushions will certainly further your well-deserved rest.

At The World in Cushions, we guarantee uniquely sourced fabrics and exceptionally made cushions that not only provide maximum comfort but introduce you to some of the wonderful ethnic masterpieces out there waiting to be discovered.

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Feel the power of cultural artistry in every piece of cushion

Elegance and relaxation combined with interesting history weaved together into one of a kind cushion by the best artisans all over the globe.
Aside from their aesthetic quality, our cushions are the embodiment of an intricate artwork from a preserved heritage that will certainly bring a distinct level of sophistication to your bedroom.


Redefine your bedroom design using different style of cushions.

Whether it be sleeping, sitting, or reclining, we cannot deny the fact that bedroom cushions play an essential role in our relaxation. Apart from this, it is important to know that they also distinguish the mood of a room. Choosing the right pattern or colour will help you achieve your dream bedroom. 

  1. Geometric. Elements of geometry have been widely used for many cushions design concepts. They add a sense of structure and symmetry to a room. Just remember that continuity in the flow of patterns creates visual harmony.
  1. Stripe. This type of cushion style creates an illusion of space. It gives a contemporary vibe and completes a balanced look. If you want to make your bed look wider, then this is the style to go.
  1. Checked. Retro and striking, are some of the words that best describe checked patterns in cushions. It is an eye-catching style that exudes a classic and playful vibe.
  1. Patterned. Elevate your bedroom design using patterned cushions. They create an awesome visual interest that will uplift a sense of depth and atmosphere in the interior.
  1. Colour Themes. A good way to liven up your bedroom is by playing with the colours of your cushions. You can choose from plain, neutral, dark, or bright colours depending on what you want to feel on a particular day.

You can either choose compatible designs or mix and match. It's totally up to you. After all, your bedroom should reflect your inner being when it needs to be relaxed.

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