Herringbone Cushions

Our Herringbone cushions, handmade from pure wool, create a warm and homey feeling in any space and interior design theme. From modern to traditional, you will have no problem completing the look you desire.

Sustainability is at the core of our brand, and this is reflected in the way we source our fabrics. We believe in telling a story with every cushion purchase.

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History of Herringbone

Herringbone cushion covers

Through our travels across the world, we discovered that the very first herringbone pattern used by Ancient Romans and Egyptians was inspired by the skeleton of a herring fish. The Romans used this distinct pattern on their roads, while the Egyptians incorporated it into jewelry designed for society's elite.

It eventually made its way into men's clothing, particularly Irish and Italian suits, and then into the fabric used for women's clothing, and finally into home decor. Given its long history, it is no surprise that it is still a mainstay in the world of interior design, inspiring so many creatives with its simple yet elegant pattern.

Herringbone Cushion Covers - Classic Fabrics for Your Home

The subtle texture and design of Herringbone cushions allow our customers to match any modern colour scheme. From a distance, the herringbone pattern appears to be one solid colour, but a closer look reveals the details of a complex web of interwoven threads. 

If you want accessories to complement the look and style of your room, we have just what you're looking for. A duck feather cushion pad provides additional support and comfort while you relax in your living room or bedroom.

We also use only the finest wool for our lovely cushions made from herringbone patterned fabrics. This is to ensure great quality and give you decor with a country-inspired touch, offering a soft and homey feel to any living space.

Caring for Your Herringbone Cushions 

One of the many benefits of purchasing our range of products is that they are made from premium materials, ensuring that they will look great over the years. 

We recommend dry cleaning only, not machine washing because herringbone fabric made from wool is more delicate than its cotton counterpart. To preserve its beauty and quality, avoid exposing the cushions to direct sunlight so the colours do not fade.


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