Dark Cushions

“Into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely”

Edna St. Vincent Millay, Dirge Without Music (1928)


Along with the deep and enchanting colours they possess, our collection of dark cushions is inspired and locally sourced from the land of their origin. Each cushion has an authentic association with the people, place, and way of living where they come from. Handmade by the local artisans using organic and natural raw materials. Every piece of fabric used is a vestige of an interesting facet of cultural heritage.

The textiles that we used in this vibrant collection are Ikat from Bali and Sumba, Harris Tweed from the Outer Hebrides, Bhutanese national cloth, and Agave Sabra cactus silk handwoven by the Berber people of the Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco. We hope that you feel and embrace the stories of the past embedded in each cushion as much as we do.

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How to smoothly blend deep-coloured cushions into your home?

In the principle of colour combinations for interior style, contrast is an important aspect to bear in mind. It is the distinctive quality of a hue from the existing palette. On that note, subtle and lighter shades are considered in congruence with deep-coloured cushions. To name a few, soft hues like cream, lilac, blush, or pastel colours are good ideas to pair with your dark cushions. Furthermore, opting for a plain or alabaster white backdrop in arranging your dark cushions will achieve a satisfying minimalist ambiance in any room.

Mixing dark cushions with heavy-coloured fabrics might result in an overwhelming and unvaried design. To avoid this, aim for a colour palette that has a good contrast quality.

In addition to the vivid and captivating tones, The World in Cushions proudly showcases the collection of deep-coloured cushions that embodies entrenched traditions and sophisticated works of art.

We have traveled far and wide to give you meaningful cushions that are certified conversation pieces.

In Sumbanese culture, fabrics are woven as garments to be worn by the men as a sash called Hinggi over one shoulder and around the waist. They believe that the wearer of these motifs can acquire the powers and qualities of the creatures on the textiles. On the other hand, we unearthed some of the finest Harris Tweed fabrics that thoroughly capture the scenic landscapes and natural surroundings of the Western Isles. Our cushions will transport you to some of the marvelous places in the world of textiles and let you feel the interesting stories of the past and how it relates to their way of living (or weaving!)

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