Plain Cushions

Sustainably sourced cushions in candid colours inspired by nature’s ethereal beauty

Journey to the breathtaking chain of islands in the Outer Hebrides through our fascinating collection of Harris Tweed turned into extraordinary cushions. Starting from the steely winter waters of the North Minch, to the soothing tones and textures found in the landscapes of the Outer Hebrides and the enchanting beauty of the Western Isles, every colour and style is associated with nature’s glorious scenery.

Harris Tweed is the main character in our handmade pieces of plain cushions. All of our plain cushions are proudly made from 100% pure new wool. Did you know that Harris Tweed is the only fabric trademarked and legally protected by an act in the Parliament?

We are lucky to have witnessed the amazing importance and exquisite craftsmanship imbued in every piece of our cushions and we want you to feel and experience it.

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“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Hans Hofmann

A minimalist aesthetic style is one excellent way to demonstrate sophistication. Less is more. In cushions, a monochromatic or two-toned hue implies simplicity and clutter-free visuals. It highlights the composure and cohesiveness of a design. The textures and angles are more emphasized resulting in a magnificent balance between structure and colour.


Accentuate any spot in your home with a classic and timeless collection of cushions

Colours surpass fads and trends. They are here to stay. They might come in different shades or combinations, but they will always be a part of an effective interior design. Consequently, if you want to achieve a visually impressive and enduring style, you need to let the colours speak. But this doesn’t mean adding a lot of unnecessary colours, sometimes the less is more approach is best to be able to see the calmness and harmony around you.
Cushions that are plain in colour symbolize subtlety, orderliness, and emphasis. Plain cushions are best for projecting a minimalist vibe in every spot. In addition to the appearance, it is important to realize that investing in sustainably sourced cushions will not only provide a great sense of style and comfort but will also help in flourishing the intricate tradition of exceptional textile artistry that stood the test of time.
When we were traveling to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, we came across a remarkable textile called Harris Tweed. What’s impressive about the Harris Tweed fabric is that every piece is delicately woven by hand in local’s homes, sheds, and barns, with looms being handed down from generation to generation. A product of skillful artisans such as farmers, wool dyers, yarn spinners, and many more! Each colour and texture embodies the awesome scenery of its surroundings. It’s as if you’re traveling to the place of their origin.
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