Boho Cushions

We have traveled all over the world, soaking up as much as we can in order to bring you cushion covers you didn't even know you wanted. Our search has brought us to the laid-back style that is bohemian.

Shop from the one-off boho cushions collection, to bring the unique and colourful bohemian style into your living space.

All of our cushions are handwoven & sustainably sourced. Find your perfect cushion and discover its story.

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Boho Style Cushions - More Than Just A 70’s Trend

The “boho” style is associated with a popular fashion trend in the 60s and 70s, but some would argue that it is a culture in and of itself. It is laid back and highly expressive, which creatives love as it is an alternative to mainstream trends.

Over the decades, it has evolved from only being seen on clothing and accessories to having entire collections of home decor dedicated to all things bohemian. There is something about boho cushion covers, from the tassels to the textures, that sets them apart in any bedroom or sofa.

A bohemian cushion adds character to any room it is placed in. They fit perfectly into any room theme, whether modern or retro, and that is the mark of a true statement piece.

Colourful Boho Cushions - From Africa Straight Into Your Sofa

The fabrics for our boho cushions are sourced directly from Africa, among other places, by The World in Cushions team. We want to support the local economy and keep our products as true to their roots as possible.

African fabrics are rich and vibrant with meaning. We have seen how much work goes into the details and patterns of these textiles on our travels. It is clear from the soft yet sturdy fabrics that these were made with care and attention to detail.

The artisans' passion for creating these beautiful textiles is truly inspiring, and we want to share their stories with the rest of the world through our cushions.

Scandi Boho Cushions - When Two Worlds Collide

Scandi is an abbreviation for Scandinavian. The Scandinavian style is defined by clean lines, functionality, and minimalism without sacrificing beauty. When Scandi and boho collide, you get something magical - a perfect balance of colour and simplicity.

Our Scandi boho cushions are the perfect accessories for your sofa or bed. If you are looking for a cosy look that gives off down-to-earth vibes, our Scandi boho cushions will fit the bill.

The World in Cushions team firmly believes in staying true to the origins of the fabrics and textiles we use. We meet with all of our suppliers to learn more about how and why they create these pieces of art and we want to share their tales with you through our stunning and vibrant cushions.

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