Fabrics of Africa

Our collection of fabrics sourced from Africa is a fresh take on traditional cushion style

We've taken inspiration from the vibrant textile traditions of Africa. With each cushion, we pay homage to the generous and dynamic people of the African region who craft their textiles using their artisanal hands. From the handwoven Kilim and Agave Sabra silk of Morocco to the Maasai fabric of Kenya and Kente cloth of Ghana, you'll never go out of option and style.

Each piece is designed by local artisans not only to stand against the test of time but to impart meaningful stories of how the African fabrics were discovered and their cultural significance. This is our way of letting you witness the remarkable process of turning locally sourced materials into a one-of-a-kind collection of cushions that will instil elegance and luxury into any spot.

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What makes our Fabrics of Africa collection exceptional?

The intrinsic value of art in African textiles is used to convey significant aspects of their heritage. It takes a huge amount of effort, time, and craftsmanship to come up with unique cushions which fabrics are handmade and sourced locally. Here are what we unearthed in the fascinating textile culture of Africa.

Agave Sabra Silk of Morocco

This mythical fabric is Morocco’s hand-loomed gift from nature. The Berber people of the Atlas Mountains harvest the Agave Sabra cactus found in the deserts of Northern Africa to produce cactus silks which are then spun and woven. Traditionally, the threads were dyed with spices and plant extracts. Each woven symbol is inspired by the traditional tattoos of the Berber women and has an association with their way of life.

Kilim cloth from Morocco

Another gem that we found down a forgotten lane on a recent trip to Morocco. Kilim is sometimes referred to as “slit woven” or flatweave because of how it is made. The eclectic stripes and geometric patterns speak of hidden meanings. This fabric was traditionally produced in the countries of the former Persian Empire including Iran, the Balkans, and the Turkic countries.

Maasai fabric of Kenya

Often referred to as African blanket, Maasai Shuka cloth is commonly worn by the Maasai people, a semi-nomadic tribe from East Africa. They dwell in loosely constructed houses for seasonal migration. It is thought that Maasai cloth may have been introduced by the Scottish missionaries during the colonial era. The Africa Inland Mission was established in 1895, and until 1909 Kenya was its only operation.
The last time I was in Kenya was to work at a Buddhist festival held in the province of Laikipia in the rift valley where I got to make a 10-meter sculpture of Buddha out of mud, wood, and clay in much the same way the local houses are constructed. Several Samburu and Maasai women who are responsible for making the houses in these tribes helped me; their help was colourful and invaluable!

Kente cloth of Ghana

The name “Kente” comes from the Akan or Ashanti dialect which means “basket”. Kente fabric is the national cloth of Ghana together with the smock. This fabric is famously associated with the royalties of Ghana where it originated. Traditionally, the men do the weaving, as it is believed that women’s menstrual cycles interfere with the production of the cloth!

The World in Cushions aims to highlight the value of the local artisans’ craftsmanship who have been practicing their skills for generations. Grab these wonderful handmade cushions now and bring home a part of Africa in your home.

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