Checked Cushions

Add the Iconic Pattern of Check to your Room

At the World in Cushions, we have checked cushions in a variety of categories ranging from tartans, Harris Tweeds, and gingham. Shop our checked cushion collection to discover the perfect style and colour for your sofa, bedding, or favourite garden chair.

Whether you are looking for office chair accessories or creating the perfect details for your bedroom, we think a checked cushion is a great addition.

Imagine tapping away on your device or reading your favourite book in the garden on a summer’s day, your stylish checked cushion not only looks great but creates security and comfort in the way that only soft furnishings can.
Whatever colour you choose, checked cushions can add a timeless style to your sofa or bedroom. As every pattern and design of fabric we purchase is limited, you know you are getting something truly special.

Where Do These Iconic Patterns Stem From?

Made famous by the likes of Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, and Chanel, checked fabrics have a rich and vibrant history going back to Scotland and the third century AD. 
The word check relates to any pattern with a grid effect, but its origins come from the Scottish tartan worn by clan members in the form of kilts. These tartans would have been hand-woven using traditional weaving tools and the delivery of these rich and hardy textiles would have come at a price. 
Clans and prominent families would commission their own tartan to be worn as a source of pride and prestige; a clan member could be easily identified by the tartan kilt he wore. 

Our Search to Find the Perfect Check

The fabrics that make up our checked cushion collection have been collected from across the world, from the wild hills of the Outer Hebrides to the orange sun-baked earth of the Kenyan plains. To us, they summon visions of warriors from across the world, striding heroically across rugged windswept hillsides and baron African savannahs.
At the World in Cushions, we put enormous care into sourcing and collecting the fabrics that make up our collections. We are sure that somewhere on our site will be your perfect cushion.  Something that will brighten and add value to your home, regardless of your style preference or price bracket. Feel free to search the many categories across our store. You can shop according to colour, style, or collection.
Don’t see the cushion you are after on our website, or have a question about any of our sizes or fabrics? Then please reach out. We would be delighted to help. As everything we make is limited, our stock is constantly changing.
Purchase your checked cushion today and enjoy FREE delivery across the United Kingdom.

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