Kilim Cushions

Created in the traditional techniques many of our kilim cushions began their lives as rugs or carpet in the northern regions of Africa. As the kilim rugs became worn and damaged with age and their usage on the ground fades, they find their way to us to be transformed into beautiful one of a kind Kilim cushions.

We search to find these beautifully designed rugs and carpets from around the world to create the perfect cushion for your chair, sofa, or bedding. Whatever your style, our kilim cushions are the perfect accessories for your home.

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Kilim - It's History & Origins

The word kilim originates from Turkey and is characterised by the tribal patterns and rich colours woven on a traditional flat loom however it is not just Turkey that hold claim to these vibrant textiles, examples can be seen throughout history from the Balkans to North Africa.

Kilim has been used for a variety of purposes throughout the years and it’s uses fall into many categories ranging from coverings of tent and mosque floors, prayer rugs, bags, baskets and saddle covers. Its history can be traced back to ancient times and is seen as playing an important role in women’s lives in particular by serving as part of their dowry. The skills of weaving are seen as a sign of great pride in many cultures and across the globe we see the tradition of creating kilim past down from mother to daughter.

Authentic Kilim textiles are woven using traditional tools in the slitweave technique. The slit refers to the gap left between two blocks of colour. Diagonal patterns are favoured so as not to weaken the structure of the rug, basket, or carpet. This preference of weaving produces a bold beauty to the patterns created and for us the search to find the perfect carpet or basket that we can create our cushions from is a labour of love.