Neutral Cushions

Locally sourced neutral cushions for any space of your home

We have traveled to the most fascinating places in the world of textiles to offer you a curated collection of neutral-coloured cushions that not only will elevate any spot in your home but will convey stories from forgotten cultures and crafts to revive the artisanal techniques of making fabrics and be passed down to the future generation.

All of our cushions are locally sourced and handmade by local craftsmen to ensure the authenticity of each piece. We hope that you’ll love them as much as we do.

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"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein


Aside from their aesthetic quality, our cushions are the embodiment of an artisanal craft from a preserved heritage that will certainly bring a distinct level of sophistication to your home. This collection features the ethnic Ikat textile from Bali, Indonesia, and nature-inspired Harris Tweed. Each colour combination and pattern signifies an interesting story from the past or an interpretation of nature’s scenic beauty.

What do neutral-coloured cushions bring to your home? 

Neutral tones in cushions are dominantly used to imbue a sense of constancy and wholesomeness to an interior design. It makes the room or furniture appear more inviting and has less visual noise. If you would like to achieve a calm and peaceful vibe, then going neutral is one good idea.

The reason behind this is that neutral colours are generally easy to perceive by the senses or grasp by the mind. Without complex visual plays or a multitude of colours, neutrals are the result of a clean, crisp, and clutter-free fusion of tones and textures. Never underestimate the power of neutral-hued cushions in your home. They are highly dependable on various kinds of shades and patterns. For a minimalist vibe, you may pair them with a unicolored and textured sofa. Neutrals combined with majestic patterns can orchestrate a fantastic Bohemian or contemporary ambiance in any spot. Geometrics and stripes can be used to add visual layers too!

Another advantage of using neutral cushions is having less worry about an overwhelming interior design because of their versatility. They can be positioned as a backdrop or in the forefront and still complements the overall look. So, if you don’t have one, this is the right time for you to purchase our neutral-coloured cushions to bring subtle elegance and sophistication to any spot in your home. 

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