Our Fabrics and Us

Born out of a love of travel, textiles and story-telling, we are passionate about bringing the very finest fabrics and designs from across the globe to your sofa.

We offer a curated collection of beautiful, luxury cushions crafted from the finest fabrics sourced by us from across the globe. Each cushion is steeped in culture, rich in the tradition and history of both the places and the artisans involved in bringing these fabrics to life.

These limited edition and responsibly sourced materials have the romance of travel woven through their very fabric. Whether hand crafted in the towering Himalayan highlands of Bhutan, the lush tropical savanna of Ghana, or the windswept Outer Hebrides, each cushion tells its own story, bringing the essence of distant shores and the tones of far off landscapes to your room.

The World in Cushions is based in the bustling heart of East London and on the rugged coastline of North Cornwall in the UK.


Our Fabrics

We believe in personal connections, meeting our manufacturers and suppliers, hearing their stories and learning about their cultures, the fabrics and the countries they come from, and sharing these tales with you.

The cushions we offer are ever changing as we only source a limited amount of any one material; each fabric chosen for its excellent quality and vibrant design.

All our fabrics are lovingly sourced in markets and artisan’s workshops. The story of each fabric and each cushion unfolds through road trips and ferry crossings, tuk-tuk rides and mountain passes, through the warp, the weft, the late night tales. We hope you will enjoy learning of your cushion’s fabric, the culture and the adventures that took place across the world to find it. 

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