Living Room Cushions

Our cushions are your best "living room buddy"

We believe that cushions are more than items for comfort. It should carry a meaningful story, symbolize outstanding craftsmanship, and bring you to a place you've never been.

From the hand-woven crafts of Sumba and Isle of Lewis to the naturally dyed fabrics in Bali, you will never be out of style with our vast selection of living room cushions. Each thread and pattern resonate with rich culture and heritage that will surely make your living room a storyteller and a masterpiece of art.

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Aesthetic quality meets cultural artistry

The living room is where your family and friends can sit, talk, and relax. Having our Ikat and Kente cloth cushions casually laid around together with meaningful conversation makes up a perfect bonding.


How to choose the best cushions for your living room?

 Cushions reflect the vibe and personality of a room. It characterizes the mood of the furniture and how welcoming the spot is. Here are some tips to help you pick the ideal living room cushions.

  1. Choose a colour or pattern. It must define your taste. You can select a classic colour, mix, and match the hues or be innovative. Remember that creativity goes a long way.
  1. Consider the size of the furniture in selecting the shape and quantity of cushions. Think of how you enjoy using the cushions in furniture.
  1. Most importantly, favour exceptionally made fabrics to get your money's worth. Materials that are best in quality will stand the test of time and can be passed down through different generations.
Our products are remote civilization's fruit of labor. After wandering off to diverse cultures in Africa, the impressive textile industry of Indonesia and Morocco, colourful traditions of Bhutanese ethnicity, and uniquely weaved fabrics in the Outer Hebrides, we came up with the finest collection of cushions that makes you feel as if you're traveling with us. 
Each cushion is a product of intricate work and has a fascinating history weaved in every thread.

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