Stripe Cushions

A Classic Pattern in Home Design

Our striped cushions are the ideal accessories to complete the look of your living space. The fabrics we use for these lovely cushions are sourced from different regions across the world, incorporating their history in every seam.

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Comfortable, Stylish, and Functional Stripey Cushions

From Ghanaian Kente cloth to Indonesian Ikat fabric, we have what you are looking for. Your search for striped cushions that offer both style and functionality is over. We consider not just the look of the striped cushions when designing them; we also consider how they feel when you use them. 
For added comfort, while lounging on your bed or sofa, choose from our plush square cushions or soft bolster cushions. We also have lumbar cushions, which help relieve lower back pain while you work.
Our cushions come in a variety of colours and stripe patterns that will look and feel great in any space.

Why Stripes Are Timeless?

One of the many benefits of using a stripe cushion is its versatility; it can complement or contrast any style, colour scheme, or preference. It can also be used to create the look of an entire room by matching the curtains, fixtures, and furniture colour to the stripes.
It can dress up a space and make it look fancy and dramatic, or it can dress it down and make it look and feel more minimalistic. Stripes, unlike other patterns that come and go, are a timeless staple in interior design.
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How To Care For Your Beautiful Stripe Cushion?

Because each cushion is handcrafted, there may be irregularities and small, charming imperfections. Our products are hand washable, but we recommend that you dry clean them to maintain the quality of the cushions and keep them looking new. It is also best to keep them away from direct sunlight so the colours do not fade.

Beautiful handmade checked cushions for any space in your home.
Looking for patterned cushions? Take a look at our locally-sourced pieces!
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