Harris Tweed Cushions

An Elegant Handmade Piece For Any Space

Our love for travel has inspired many collections, but we wanted this one to hit close to home. Harris tweed, without a doubt one of the most remarkable and recognisable textiles in the world, is made and manufactured on the Isle of Harris.

A Harris tweed cushion will complete the look whether you prefer colourful patterns or simple grey cushions.

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What is Harris Tweed? 

Harris Tweed, or Clo Mhor as it is known in Gaelic, literally means "big cloth," and is only made in the Western Isles of Scotland. It is made of 100% new wool, and it was originally made by local crofters from their own sheep. 
It was hand-carded, spun, and woven on a handloom. The excess cloth was frequently traded and bartered to a point that it became a currency among the islanders. Many weavers remain on the islands and can be found all over Harris and Lewis.
Our team wants to honour the history and stories associated with Harris Tweed by sharing them with you through our neutral cushions.

Bring Harris Tweed Into Your Home 

Our Harris Tweed cushions have a classic and luxurious feel, making them the ideal accessory for adding a touch of elegance to any home. 
Our Harris Tweed cushions will suit any mood or style, whether you place them on your sofa, bed, or simply have a basket of them lying around.

How To Take Care of Your Harris Tweed Cushions 

Harris tweed cushions on armchair
Proper care and maintenance are required to keep these cushions in pristine condition. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the colours and patterns of the fabric.
Our Harris Tweed herringbone cushions complement all styles and preferences, so your search for the ideal accessory is over. We provide free shipping to our UK customers.
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