Fabrics of the Outer Hebrides

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The isles of Lewis and Harris make up the Outer Hebrides, found on the west coast of Scotland. These islands are famous for the production of authentic Harris Tweed fabrics or Clo Mhor as it is called in Gaelic, literally translated means “big cloth". Much of the Harris Tweed used in our cushions has been woven in a traditional way. The colours are inspired and created by the surrounding landscape, the peat-stained streams, and the heather-clad hills.

We have searched these isles to bring you the finest of textiles with the story of each weaver bound into every unique cushion.

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Not all cushions are created equal 

A cushion is typically placed on the sofa, bed, or chair to provide comfort and support for our tired backsides when sitting down. But not all cushions are created equal; some are more comfortable, durable, and stylish than others, either because of their composition or the materials they are made from. If you’re looking to upgrade your home furnishings with new handmade cushions and want to know where the most comfortable ones come from, look no further than the Outer Hebrides in Scotland!
The Outer Hebrides are a collection of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland that has made quite the name for themselves among fabric collectors. The Outer Hebrides have long been known for their traditional handmade textile called Harris Tweed and its characteristic design. Harris Tweed is our main inspiration in producing the Fabrics of the Outer Hebrides cushion collection. This is our way of supporting the sustainable process of making one. Learn more about these 100% pure new wool cushions and the benefits they can bring to your home. We posted a blog titled: Waves and Weavers - Sourcing Harris Tweed to give you travel tips and tricks if you are planning to tour the Outer Hebrides.
Traditionally woven from pure virgin wool by hand and individually dyed with natural dyes, Harris Tweed is one of the most well-known and respected fabrics in the world. It was created as a more durable fabric than woolen cloth. The Harris Tweed industry relies on the natural environment, which provides sheep grazing, clean air, and water. The wool from these sheep is then turned into cloth using traditional skills passed down through generations of islanders. The production process is a lengthy one and requires many stages to complete.

Create an Outer Hebridean heritage feel to your home with handmade cushions

What makes this collection of handmade cushions unique, is that every piece is inspired by the scenic views of the Outer Hebrides. Having them on your sofa, bedroom or any space in your home will make you feel a part of Outer Hebrides’s beauty is just a step away. To better encapsulate nature’s beauty in our cushions, we’ve taken some inspirations from the golden hues of gorse, rich purple & soft lilac tones of heathland in full bloom, cerulean waters of Barvas Bay, and soft hues of early autumnal landscapes. 

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