Waves and Weavers - Sourcing Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed/Scatter Cushions/Designer Cushions/Mustard/Brown/Beige

The Outer Hebrides lie to the west coast of Scotland, my journey there took me higgledy piggeldy across the country visiting relatives and friends. By the time I had driven the length of the country, taken two ferries, and broken down once (Thank you very kind AA man) my car was knee deep in empty sandwich and crisp packets. – It was worth every mile travelled, every adventure had, as with each corner turned a new more breath-taking view was revealed. A friend of mine lives on the isle of Lewis and this was my destination, my starting point from where I would find remote waves and weavers of Harris tweed.

Small half hidden sign posts would lead me down narrow tracks to back yards and weavers looms. Ancient looking looms in small sheds clattered and smashed into life as energetic weavers skilfully created the only fabric to be protected by an act passed in parliament.

My trip to the Outer Hebrides took me to deserted beaches where I swam and surfed with mystified seals, long walks across the hills and through bogs to return to my friends place as the sun faded soaked to the skin and happy. We spent our evenings drinking the local whiskey and putting the world to right.

Tip 1: My tip for taking the ferry across to the Western Isles: make sure you disable your car alarm before you get on the ferry, it’s quite embarrassing returning to the only screaming car head down!

Tip 2: Be prepared for all weather, I lay on a beach that could have been in the Caribbean and trudged sodden across hills in northerly winds all in the same week.

Tip 3: Visit the distilleries of Skye, breathe in the smells and try everything!


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