Fabrics of Morocco

Incorporate stylish, comfy, and handcrafted Moroccan textiles into your home

From cactus silks in pale sun-bleached pinks to bright vintage cushions adorned with pompoms and sequins, this Moroccan collection is rich in culture and magic! Each fabric is locally sourced and handmade by the Berber women of the Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco.

We aim to share our wonderful journey of locally sourcing these masterfully crafted textiles made into stylish cushions – including their history, their uses and how you can bring this vibrant heritage into your own home decor.

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Handmade cushions with a meaningful cause

10% of profits from this collection goes to support the Ims'One Project, a charity dedicated to the vaccination, health, and well-being of Moroccan dogs and cats. The shelter currently houses 50 dogs, 7 cats, and 2 donkeys. With the help of tourists, volunteers, and locals, Fanny (the owner) vaccinates and tags the stray dogs of Imsouane and beyond so they can lead safe and happy lives. A visit to her shelter is a must for all animal lovers, plus you get to enjoy the panoramic views and waves of the surfing town of Imsouane. You can contact Fanny via Instagram @imsoneproject to arrange a visit. Learn more about our meaningful trip in discovering locally sourced fabrics from Morocco by visiting the blog - Essaouira and beyond: our Travel tips for Morocco.

Morocco's vibrant textile scene: a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns

Morocco has been home to skilled textile artisans for centuries, and the industry continues to thrive today. From small-scale workshops in the country’s mountain villages to large-scale manufacturing operations near coastal cities, Morocco is truly a home to an incredible array of fabrics, dyes, and patterns. Moroccan textile artists have risen to the challenge of exploring new textile techniques while preserving their tradition of richly patterned fabrics that are just as vibrant today as they were multiple decades ago.

But there’s more to these fabrics than meets the eye, as their bright colours and intricate designs tell stories about the people who have created them over hundreds of years. This unique collection of Moroccan cushions will transport you to the kaleidoscope of colour and pattern and how Moroccan craftsmen use dyes, weaving techniques and embroidery stitches to create unique fabric pieces.

What do Moroccan textiles bring into your home décor?

The textile industry in Morocco has thrived for centuries. Moroccan textiles were highly prized by Europeans, who would trade anything from spices to precious metals to get their hands on them. The artistry that goes into textile design is an intrinsic part of Moroccan culture, too. It's not uncommon for Moroccan tailors to sketch out their designs before they do anything else. Sometimes, they spent up to two years perfecting the final product. You will be amazed by how much care goes into each step of production. The whole process will surely make you want to go explore this beautiful country even more.

Moroccan textiles are known for their aesthetic quality and durability, with a long history in the region. Each piece is often made from natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, or linen. These textiles are prized for their rich heritage and symbolic designs. Moroccan textiles are often handmade, which is what makes them so special. They can last for decades if cared for properly.

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