Colourful Cushions

A Great Way to Refresh and Vivify Your Home

Colourful cushions are an easy way to add life and character to a dull space. They can be used as a channel for personal expression by choosing designs that are meaningful or colour combinations that reflect your style. They're also handy, which makes them perfect for when you want to make a change in the room but don't have time or energy to do anything permanent. Plus, they're so much fun and expressive!

The colours in this handmade collection of cushions are inspired from nature’s beauty and cultural association. The fabrics are locally sourced from the most interesting places in the world of textiles. Each one is unique, with a mix of colours and patterns that will make your favourite spot look more special.

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Handcrafted Colourful Cushions That'll Bring Life and Luck to Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home, colourful cushions are one of the easiest ways to change the vibe. They can be used as an accessory, or a striking statement piece, depending on how you use them and what elements in your home they contrast with.
Handmade colourful cushions are always a great choice if you want something unique and original – they are sure to stand out when paired with your existing décor! Each piece is sure to brighten up any room!
This one-of-a-kind collection consists of locally sourced fabrics that will welcome luck and wealth to your home! We have the vibrant Kente cloth from Ghana, elegant Ikat fabrics from Indonesia, dashing fabrics from Bhutan, many-hued cactus silk, and Kilim textile of Morocco.
At The World In Cushions, it is our passion to discover the world’s cultural diversity through fabrics. We believe that every piece of fabric used in our cushions carries the history and heritage of artisans. They play an important part in crafting each fabric by hand using natural materials and passed down to different generations. It is our humble way of reviving the forgotten culture of making world-class textiles that transcends fab and craze.

Add a splash of colour to your home 

You don’t have to match your cushions with the rest of your room or even your sofa. Mixing patterns and colours can be a great way to express your personality, so don't feel that you have to stick with one look. Go for something more adventurous!

By adding colourful cushions to an otherwise plain sofa, you can transform it into something special and express your personality. Cushions doused in many colours are a great way to introduce different moods to any spot. They can be used to add style and texture or layered for a cosy look. You can change the look from season to season, or even express your personality with different cushion covers depending on what you're in the mood for!

There are plenty more ways to refresh any space in your home, and we’re sure that with these colourful cushions and little creativity, you can find the perfect style for your space. Don’t forget that it’s important not only what colours you choose, but also how they mix together!


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