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We have a wide range of handcrafted decorative cushions that would look amazing in any area of your home.

From classic tweed cushions to colourful ikat pieces that look like works of art, each scatter cushion you purchase from us contains a piece of history.

Large Rose Pink Cactus Silk Lumbar Cushion | Markunda

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Add pops of colour in the bedroom or a neutral touch to your sofa. Whether you opt for a contemporary grey or bright yellow shades, we have cushions to suit every mood and style.

Each vibrant and beautiful handwoven scatter cushion we produce has a story to tell.

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Comfort and luxury go hand in hand with our products.

Whether you use them on your sofa in the living room, your bedroom armchair, or your rugs, our chic and stylish cushions will completely transform any space.

Living room

Add the perfect finishing touch to your living room.


Curate the dreamiest bedroom atmosphere

with cushions for every style of space.

Textured fabrics, strong prints or classic

styles. The perfect accessory and for extra seating.

The World In Cushions

Fabrics that tell a story

We travel the world to find fabrics that hold the feeling of the country they originate from. They carry history, traditions, and stories with them.

Find your perfect cushion and discover its story. 

The World In Cushions

Scatter Cushions: An Essential for Every Home

In the world of interior design, the difference is in the details, no matter how small. 

Scatter cushions are a great way to add character to any space without doing a major renovation. Think of our cushions as jewelry, the perfect accessory to make or break an outfit. 

Every style, preference, and season has a cushion that will complement it.  You can shop our collections for the colours of Bhutan, the vibrant textile designs of Africa, or the signature texture and feel that is tweed. The World in Cushions team strives to bring the patterns and textiles of the world right onto your beds or sofas through our handmade cushions. 

Besides our love for travel and story-telling, we are passionate about sustainability. We care about where the materials we use for our products come from and that is why we have developed personal relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. We want to provide you cushions that are not only beautiful but are also responsibly sourced.