Colour Schemes to Liven Up Your Living Room in 2024

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Are you looking to give your living room a fresh new look? One of the easiest and most impactful ways to do this is by incorporating trendy colour schemes into your design. The right colours create a cohesive and stylish space while improving the room’s mood and atmosphere.

From bold hues to soft and subtle shades, there are countless options to choose from when creating a fashionable and functional living area. Explore some of the latest colour trends that can help take your living room to the next level.


Green velvet sofa, pale cushion, image on wall


Modern Black With Neutral Tones

While black may seem like an overwhelming colour, there are ways to make it tasteful and get your space to truly stand out. You can either have it as your base colour or incorporate touches of black for added sophistication.


colour swatches black beige and birchwood tones

Black, Beige and Birchwood tones

Use Cracked Pepper — Behr’s color of the year —  to create a cosy atmosphere. It’s a soft black that can adapt to any style and works well as a wall colour. Decorate the room with a beige linen couch and birchwood coffee table or TV stand.

Textured cushions and a rug brighten up the space, while accents placed on top of the TV stand, like a ceramic lampstand and matching vase, can add visual interest.


Colour swatch cracked pepper black, white, metallic gold

Bright White, Black and Metallic Gold

Go for the classic black, gold and white but with a twist. Keep your walls white and make black the focal point with a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or entertainment centre. The shelves can work as extra storage space, and you can add small pops of colour with books, sculptural elements and decorative vases. 

Consider a white sofa and a grey rug. For a pop of colour, place a dusty pink armchair in the corner, with a gold side table and potted plant. You can also incorporate the gold by using a decorative gold cushion as an accent piece on the sofa, nestled with cushions that match the pink armchair.


Colour swatch black cream olive green

Black, Cream and Olive Green

Liven up a cream wall and neutral-coloured couches with a touch of black and olive green. A black accent armchair and coffee table will offer some sophistication.

Paint your fireplace or mantel olive green and place a decorative mirror above it for depth and to bring in natural light. If you want a cosier feel, decorate the mantel with a smaller mirror and decorative vases and bowls.


Modern living room, armchair, cushions in cream, olive green, grey rug


Honeyed Tones With Bold Accents

Warm neutrals are here to stay this year, with colours like Glidden’s Limitless. It resembles a wheat field on a sunny day and can make your space feel light and inviting. Shades of yellow always make a space seem brighter and more cheerful, which can bring life to your space.


Colour swatch honey beige, modern pink, green

Honey Beige, Modern Pink and Green

Paint your living room walls in the honey-hued beige and decorate the room with blue or pink accents for a space that radiates energy and style. Think modern pink velvet couch, a gold standing lamp and a giant bird of paradise or rubber tree plant. Add bright-coloured armchairs in blue or green for contrasting colours that balance the space.


colour swatch honey beige, eggplant purple, powder blue

Honey Beige, Eggplant Purple and Blue

If you want the sunlit hue of limitless without feeling like it’s overpowering the room, add cooler tones with furniture and accents to add contrast and balance. Layer a neutral rug with a blue patterned one and add a beige ottoman with a light purple throw instead of a coffee table. Go for eggplant purple raised armchairs and a blue couch with multicoloured cushions to keep the cheerful tone.

This design is all about being bright and cheery, so don’t be afraid to add artwork to the wall and plants in the corner to liven up the space.


Living room, pink wall, book shelf, plant, grey sofa, cushions


Earthy Greens

Soft, earthy colours have made a comeback this year, like Graham and Brown’s Viridis, a soothing mid-green colour that mirrors nature and symbolises growth and health. Add green accents or freshen up the space with a green wall to create a restful atmosphere in a living room.


Colour swatch viridis green, mustard yellow, brown

Green, Mustard Yellow and Brown

While green makes a beautiful wall colour, apartment dwellers might hesitate with paint jobs, knowing they will have to repaint when they move out. If you live in an apartment and painting the walls isn’t an option, try a green accent couch and pair it with a yellow armchair.

Add a wood coffee table for a grounding effect. Scatter patterned cushions and a throw to add visual interest. Tie the space together with ceramic vases, decorative bowls and artwork that reflects natural shapes and colours.


Colour swatch, green, beige, ash grey

Viridis Green, Beige and Ash

Curate a tranquil atmosphere in your living room with the soft-soothing Viridis as a wall colour and mix it with neutral earthy tones. A beige linen couch with weaved baskets and houseplants in clay vases will give it a natural feel, while ash wood side tables and brown accents like textured cushions add depth to the design.


Living room, green walls, plant, sofa, cushions


Post-Barbie Pinks

Last year, Barbiecore saw searches for “Barbie living room” increase by 135% from the year before and put pink in the top 10 trending paint colours in June. Pink is here to stay but will become more muted and moderate in interior design.

The versatile colour works as a neutral and can act as a base with most other colours. From dusty pink to darker hues, there are various ways to incorporate the colour into your living room design.


Colour swatch, dark pink, cocoa brown, green

Dark Pink, Rich Cocoa, Yellow and Green

There is something warm and inviting about dark pink that makes a space feel more contained. Complement a dark pink wall with a rich velvet cocoa couch and contrasting shades for accent features. Textured cushions with colours like yellow, green and lighter shades of pink add harmony to the space, while neutral tones in surrounding furniture and tables add balance.

Moroccan cushion dusty pink

Dusty Pink, Blue Gray and Patterns

Dulux’s Sweet Embrace is a soft soothing blush that looks great on walls. However, it needs some texture and vibrance to make it come alive. Decorate the room with a blue-grey couch and go wild with patterned cushions, curtains and layered rugs.

Alternatively, opt for muted blue and cream cushions to play up the pink without making it too bold. You can never go wrong with accent cushions and throws. They’re easy to swap out if you want to remix your colour palette.


Colour swatch barbie pink, white, grey

Pure White, Light Gray and Barbie Pink

Even though interior design trends are moving away from bubblegum pink colour drenching, if Barbie Core is your thing, you can still display your hot pink wine glasses and keep the pink accent wall. Play it down with neutrals like pure white and light grey in the bigger pieces like your couch and rug.

Add a shelf to the accent wall and decorate with rose gold elements, books and small white vases and decorative bowls.


Living room, pink wall, chairs, cushions, bookshelf plants


Lavender Cream and Deep Purple

Lavender is still a favourite this year, and you’ll see more of it in interior design spaces. It’s the colour of wellness and digital escapism, which makes it the perfect colour for a relaxing living space. Bolder purples are also in, making for a unique and captivating interior design that’s playful and regal.


Colour swatch lavender, warm white, powder blue

Lavender, Powder Blue and Warm White

Combine these soft colours together to create a cool and soothing space. Creamy white walls as a neutral colour keep the space warm, while a mix of blue and lavender makes a bold statement. Make the focal point a powder blue sofa with multicoloured cushions in lavender, pistachio and white.

Add a patterned blue drape to the windows and artwork with lilac hues to tie it all together. 


Colour swatch lilac, cream, green

Lilac, Green and Cream

Embrace the TikTok popular fairycore trend with lavender walls, a lilac couch and accent cushions in dusty pink and blue-grey. Fairycore is all about whimsical design that embodies spring all year round.

You can add a shelf with small potted plants and a decorative mirror with purple flower vines, artificial hydrangea berry garlands and white stardust. Doesn’t that sound magical?


Colour swatch, purple, yellow, white

Deep Purple and Yellow

Combine these contrasting colours for a living room that exudes royal and regal energy. Against a purple accent wall, place a deep purple couch with multicoloured cushions and yellow throws.

Break up the purple with patterned elements like a gold and purple vase with a cane floor plant or small blue vases with yellow and purple roses. Make it truly regal with an overhead lamp with gold lamp shades or vintage candle stands on a side table.


Girl arranging cushions, white sofa, plant


Liven Up Your Living Room With 2024’s Trendy Colours

By incorporating trendy colour schemes into your living room design, you can create a space that is visually appealing, reflects your personal style and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Remember, colour is a powerful tool that can transform the look and feel of a room, so don't be afraid to experiment and find the perfect palette for your space.

With creativity and inspiration, you can turn your living room into a stylish oasis you'll love spending time in. So go ahead — get inspired and start decorating!


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