Faded Pink Large Cactus Silk Moroccan Rectangle Floor Cushion -  FRONT
Faded Pink Large Cactus Silk Moroccan Rectangle Floor Cushion -  DETAIL
Pink, Cream and Red Large Cactus Silk Moroccan Rectangle Floor Cushions

Large Rose Pink Cactus Silk Lumbar Cushion | Markunda

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This faded rose pink lumbar cushion made from the silk of the Sabra cactus has a soft elegance to it. The heavy denim quality of the textile was hand woven by the Berber people of the Atlas Mountains. The nomadic Berber women harvest the cactus found in the deserts of Northern Africa to produce this unique textile. The woven symbols mimic the traditional tattoos of the Berber women and have many meanings.

10% of every cushion sold from our Moroccan collection goes to support the fabulous work of the Ims'One Project, a charity dedicated to the vaccination, health, and well-being of Moroccan dogs (and some cats!) We were lucky enough to spend some time with them, and to participate in the walking of 50 + dogs along the Moroccan coastline. We challenge anyone to visit the Ims'One Project and not fall in love.

  • Dimensions 90cm x 50cm
  • Cactus Silk
  • Sold with hollow fibre vegan cushion pad
  • All cushions are handmade and there may be irregularities and small, charming imperfections

 Care: Dry Clean Only - Please keep out of direct sunlight as colours might fade