Bright Cushions

Trends tend to come and go, but interior designers can always rely on the tried-and-true method of adding a splash of colour to elevate any space. Add bright pops of colour to your sofa, bed, or armchair with our scatter cushions.

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Why Bright Coloured Cushions?

Bright colourful cushions do not have to be solid colours; they can be a mix of patterns, textures, and styles. We have vibrant cushions made from Ikat, Harris tweed, and Kente fabrics in pink, red, orange, green, blue, and other colours that simply enhance and complete the style of any home.

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Bold Colours and Fabulous Fabrics That Breathe Life Into Your Home

The World in Cushions team has a huge range of bright and beautiful sofa cushions that will look like works of art on your sofas. All fabrics we use are sourced sustainably, directly from the artisan's workshop in their country of origin. We honour this in designs that showcase the vibrant texture of the fabrics as well as the different shades of colours.

These cushions will last for years with the right care and maintenance. To protect the fabric's vibrant colours and intricate patterns, dry cleaning is recommended.


Be amazed by our love for Harris Tweed cushions.

Bring richness and elegance to any room with our Herringbone cushions.

Culture and style are what make our Kilim cushions unique. Choose yours now!