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Dark brown sofa living room ideas

6 ways to really rock your brown couch. Although we often associate the colour brown with a bygone era, it’s making a comeback. Along with copper, brown is returning to our living room in various hues and shades.   The colour brown conveys a sense of cosiness with its warm earthy hues. It summons feelings of stability and being grounded. Reminiscent of roots and nature, a brown sofa can have a comforting and centring effect in a home. Interior designers using the Japanese art of Feng Shui might utilize a brown sofa to create contentment and peace. Some say that a brown sofa can even inspire a heart-to-heart chat.   Forget your memories of brown from the 70s, the flares,...

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8 Boho Colour Palette Inspirations for a Bohemian Style Home

The world of interior design has so many styles to draw inspiration from, and at one point or another, you have probably stumbled upon the bright and culture-inspired style that is bohemian. It has been chosen by many because it is closely related to an unconventional way of life, perfect for interior designers who want to think outside the box.

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Dreams of far off places

This is a story of following your dreams regardless of where they take you, of finding the connection and cultures that envelop the world. That are woven into every country’s fabrics and tales.   This is my story.   At school I was bullied, I spent miserable years being the uncool kid at the back of the class. I wear glasses, have fussy curly hair and was dressed in hand me down clothes, acceptance from my peers was unlikely! I would spend my days wandering around alone disappearing inside the stories of my imagination, dreaming of the far-flung places I would go when school was but a distant memory. A few days after leaving school I was on a plane...

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