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Surviving Druk Air and Discovering Gross National Happiness

I came to Bhutan to work on an Arts and Music festival held across Thimphu (The capital.) I had pre-conceived ideas of how my time would be spent when not working in blissful meditation on green hillsides in the nation that rates the national happiness of the country as it’s maker for success. Sometimes the universe has a different plan with what’s in store for us often far greater than our imaginations can conceive. I did indeed find the strong connection with Buddhism that permeates the country, schools and hillsides, but more unexpectedly I also found a thriving rock scene!

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The Markets of Bali

Bali is a small volcanic island in a series of islands that make up Indonesia. It is known for stunning beaches and lush tropical landscape… it’s known as paradise. I was first drawn to Bali many years ago enticed by the promise of perfect waves and friendly locals – of which I happily found both! It was also in Bali and the other islands of Indonesia that I discovered the rich variety of textiles. The intricate techniques that go into producing Batik and Ikat fabrics and the skills that are passed down through generations. No trip to these islands is complete without a conversation with a stranger that leads to a trip on the back of a bike to a...

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Waves and Weavers - Sourcing Harris Tweed

A friend of mine lives on the isle of Lewis and this was my destination, my starting point from where I would find remote waves and weavers of Harris tweed.  My trip to the Outer Hebrides took me to deserted beaches where I swam and surfed with mystified seals, long walks across the hills and through bogs to return to my friends place as the sun faded soaked to the skin and happy. We spent our evenings drinking the local whiskey and putting the world to right.

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