Red Blue White Hand Woven Vintage Ikat Scatter Cushion - Rectangle  FRONT
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Red Blue White Hand Woven Vintage Ikat Scatter Cushion - Rectangle DETAIL

Terracotta and Indigo Hand Woven Patterned Ikat Cushion | Rumah

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This exquisite textile was found in the depths of Sumba, an Island east of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago. Hand dyed with natural dyes created from local plants and minerals, this traditional piece of fabric would have been worn by the Sumbanese during important rites and ceremonies. 

The designs and motifs on this piece would have identified the wearers rank, wealth and social status, as well as depicting characteristics of the individual. A design as intricate as this one would have taken over a year to create and involved many skilled weavers and dyers. As well as telling the story of the owner, it also tells the tale of the weavers that created it and the village in which it was made.

This truly is a one off, it is the joy of finding textiles like this one that lead me to start The World in Cushions, I hope you love it as much as I do!

  • Dimensions 37cm x 67cm
  • Hand woven natural dyed cotton Ikat
  • Sold with duck feather cushion pad
  • All cushions are handmade and there may be irregularities and small, charming imperfections

 Care: Dry Clean Only - Please keep out of direct sunlight as colours might fade