How to Choose Cushions to go With Your Grey Sofa

Here are some ideas on how to create the perfect grey sofa; from what colours to choose for throw pillows, which texture to go for and how to search for that key piece that will bring a room together.

So, the renovations are finally over and you’ve just received delivery of your brand new grey sofa, but how to dress it to bring out the best in the sofa, the room and even to a certain extent your home. Basically, what colour cushions go with a grey sofa and what other pieces should you use as accessories to create a style that compliments you and your unique personality.

Our homes say so much about us, they are not merely a mix of varying textures and colours that we have chosen at random from a Pinterest log, they are a true expression of who we are that if created in alignment with our most authentic selves can enhance creativity, well-being and even productivity.

Grey sofas are a fabulous and great option for many people, not only do they add a touch of class and sophistication to the room they are also practical and tend to hide a multitude of sins caused by children, pets etc. We love grey sofas of all shapes and sizes but what are the best colour cushions to go with them?

Here are 4 looks you can go for to get the best out of your grey sofa

1.  Add pops of colour

If you have tended towards neutral decorations throughout your home, maybe going for white walls and calming pictures, it might be time to let loose your inner ‘bright’ by choosing to add a few bright pops of colour onto your grey sofa. These flashes of bright colours can add character and lift an entire room including the mood of all those who dwell in it.

Bright pink ikat square cushion

Pink and Cerise Ikat Cushion | Anggrek Bulan

We recommend pops of bright hot pink or lime greens in a contrasting fabric to your sofa. For example, if your sofa is in a soft linen style fabric maybe go for bright cushions in cottons or silks. We would also recommend that you have a few ‘base cushions,’ think of these as the consistent drum beat to the song of your sofa, these are cushions in block colours that if do not exactly match your grey couch have a similar colour palette and texture.

Bright colour cushions with a striking pattern create an opportunity for you to really show off your personality and can lift even the rainiest of days. When paired on a background of your ‘base cushions’ in the same colour and fabric your pop cushions in colours pink, yellow or blue will really bring your grey sofa to life.

Grey sofa with bright red cushions blue coffee table

2. Go for calm

Maybe you have a hectic job and lifestyle and wish to leave the craziness that the world can offer up at the door of your home. You imagine stepping into a space that oozes calm and tranquillity, in short you want your grey sofa to inspire deep relaxation and be a place to unwind.

If this is you, we suggest going for a colour palette in more pastel shades, choose pale yellows, greens, lavender purple or sky blue for a more elegant look and imagine sinking into the most delicious of daydreams on a sea of throw pillows. Find cushions with delicate patterns in maybe just a couple of shades of one colour coupled with a few neutral cushions to add contrast.

Pale blue harris tweed herringbone rectangle cushion

Pale Baby Blue Harris Tweed Cushion | Spring Squill

We would also recommend a soft throw to tuck around your knees whilst enjoying a mug of your favourite tea to really inspire that feeling of cosy relaxation.

Top tip – to add something special to a throw, buy a soft cheap throw in a colour you like, then add accessories such as a colourful trim or pom poms to add personality. This simple touch can transform an everyday throw into a talking point and be moved from room to room depending on the mood you wish to create.

We recommend buying a soft cotton throw in one of the neutrals like beige or brown and then adding contrast by choosing a trim in hot pink or indigo blue.


Grey sofa with pastel pink cushions daffodils in a vase glass coffee table

3. Classic monochrome

If you want a more modern feel for your grey sofa, try choosing a combination of black and white cushions, you could always opt to pair these pillows with a splash of a more earthy tone cushion like a warm ochre if just black and white feels too stark. Try playing with cushions in different sizes going for smaller cushions to add beauty in a more subtle way.

Cream square cushion with black diagonal patterns

Cream Cactus Silk Cushion | Idir

3. Go for patterns

The marvelous thing about a grey sofa is just how versatile it is, the simple neutrality of it means it can carry off in style a number of clashing and outrageous patterns. If like us you prefer your home to be a true expression of who you are and feel that matching cushions and curtains is something reserved for your grandmother's house, then why not throw all your favourite patterned cushions onto your grey sofa. Trust us, it can handle it!

With a variety of patterned cushions, you will never be bored, we recommend clashing kilim cushions with cactus silk cushions with their Berber motifs or the vibrant bold patterns found in the fabrics of Africa.

With such a rich array of cultures and stories surrounding you, who knows what ideas you will have and where they will take you!

Cactus silk cushions red black patterned

What to avoid when it comes to choosing cushions for your grey sofa

As a grey sofa can be such an amazing fit for so many different styles and colours is there anything or anywhere you can’t take it? The answer is yes, although a grey sofa loves all colours across the spectrum from blue to orange to pink, there are a few to avoid. We would recommend staying away from beige and to a certain extend brown when it comes to your grey sofa, if your heart is set on these colours try replacing them with shades of cream and yellow cushions as they carry a similar hue, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

It’s not all about cushions

When it comes to decorating your home, most people opt for spend most of their energy thinking what ideas would be best for the carpet and what colour to paint the walls. Although at The World in Cushions we believe colour scheme to be important, we feel these larger decisions are made easier once you have chosen a key piece for the room. This detail could be as small as a treasured accessories passed down to you from someone you loved, maybe a painting, a vase or even a small cushion.

Or it could be a key piece of furniture, such as a beautiful grey sofa. We recommend thinking about what items you want to have in the space before opting for the paint colour or which varying textures you want the carpet to be.

Grey sofa white cushions coffee table books vase of dried grasses

Once you have this key item in place the rest of the decorating ideas will complement something you already love. By all accounts this technique of creating a space from one small detail is favoured by many of the leading production designers in the film industry today. The decision of which colour palette to use, what furniture to get and what are the best colour cushions to get will all become simple and fall into place surrounding your key item.

Whatever style you go for to compliment the beauty of your new grey sofa, whether it be high contrast patterns, timeless elegance or bold block colours of varying textures, remember that it can always be changed. If after living with cushions in variations of soft pastel greens for a while you feel like spicing things up, you can always add a bright pattern into the mix or change the look completely depending on your mood and lifestyle.

Looking for a particular colour cushion for your grey sofa or to match a colour scheme? You can shop by colour on our The World in Cushions website and discover your home's next look. Search our site Tag us on Instagram @theworldincushions or find us on your free Pinterest app. We can’t wait to see what amazing ideas you come up with for adding warmth and personality to your grey sofa. 

Happy styling from The World in Cushions!


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