New Year + New You = New Cushions

It’s the time of year when we evaluate what has been, what we are proud off and what we are not. We tell ourselves that 2020 is the year we will get in shape and drag our arses running around the park. That we will actually get around to reading and implementing Marie Kondo’s famous ‘The life – changing magic of tidying’ book. The old will be cleared out to make way for a new dynamic version of our 2020 selves.

It is also around this time of year we are told that all our well thought out new year resolutions will be on the things we have failed to do pile by early February, a disheartening thought indeed! So, this year I have decided to make small changes, ones that do not overwhelm me and can generally be completed by the time I have my first cup of coffee. Instead of ‘I will run every day regardless of the weather’ I will resolve to put on my sports bra twice a week and go for a walk, who knows I might run a few steps!

 But first we need to create the right conditions to make these small changes, we need a small shift in energy, something different in our everyday environment that brings in a new feeling of possibility. Now what could this be I hear you ask, well, wait for it …….. drum roll please! CUSHIONS haha! We realise we are biased but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that change begins from the simple act of refreshing the look and feel of your home and the easiest and dare we say it happiest way to achieve this is with a new cushion or two. You can transform your home with just a few pops of colour, uplift a well-loved chair, bring fresh possibilities to a favourite sofa and leave your living room feeling transformed.

With your new cushions creating new energy who knows what you will accomplish in 2020! So put on that sports bra, plump up your cushions (pun intended) and get out there!

 Happy New year from everyone at The World in Cushions.

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