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A time of silence

Today in Bali is Nyepi the first day of the year in the Balinese calendar, a day of reflection and quiet. For this day we remain in our homes with the lights off. No bikes populate the streets and the sea and beaches are empty. A standard that has become the normal as in turn each country across the world are confined to their homes in an attempt to stop a virus few understand. Nyepi follows the Ngrupuk parade where local villages build Ogoh-ogoh, large statues that represent mythological beings or demons. There purpose is to purify the living environment and any evil spirits and after the parade are burnt with the evil spirits captured inside. Who knows what will...

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The Markets of Bali

Bali is a small volcanic island in a series of islands that make up Indonesia. It is known for stunning beaches and lush tropical landscape… it’s known as paradise. I was first drawn to Bali many years ago enticed by the promise of perfect waves and friendly locals – of which I happily found both! It was also in Bali and the other islands of Indonesia that I discovered the rich variety of textiles. The intricate techniques that go into producing Batik and Ikat fabrics and the skills that are passed down through generations. No trip to these islands is complete without a conversation with a stranger that leads to a trip on the back of a bike to a...

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