Top 5 Cushion Picks for your Art Deco Space

Art Deco Styled Living Room

Art Deco was a design movement that started in France in the 1920s and spread to the rest of Europe and America. It is characterized by bold geometric shapes, lavish ornamentation, and striking colour combinations. The style was influenced by Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, and Art Nouveau. The Art Deco style is on the rise, and it's a daring and vibrant take on interior design. The identifying elements are symmetry, metallic colours, rectilinear geometry, and varied textures to create a stunning modern space that is sure to impress your friends and family.

Art Deco Styled Living Room

Modern Design Movement for Interior Design

The Modern Movement is an architectural style that emerged from post-World War II in America as well as from other parts of Europe (especially Germany). It evolved from Art Deco's heavy use of materials like glass or aluminum to create lightness inside spaces where people could work comfortably without being away from nature too much.

Patterned and neutral cushions on a white sofa

Aesthetic Art Era of the 1920s

Sofa with cushions on it with a headshot painting on the background

The 1920s was a time of great stylistic change and innovation, with the introduction of new materials and ideas. Art Deco emerged as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution by returning to simpler forms and geometric shapes that were more harmonious with nature. In addition, it rejected the machine age utilitarianism of Victorian architecture, which had been shaped by heavy use of ironwork in buildings such as factories and railroads.

Colourful tufted couch with a landscape painting

Art Deco also rejected some of the ornate styles from previous centuries—such as Gothic Revival or Neo-Classical—and replaced them with sleek lines made possible by modern materials like glass tiles for windows or stainless steel for architectural accents such as railings on balconies (or terraces).


Patterned wallpaper

Geometric Patterns in Art Deco

Striped blue and white sofa set

Geometric patterns are a great way to enhance the Art Deco style. They can be used to create a bold statement, or they can just add some personality to your space. If you're looking for an elegant look, geometric patterns are perfect for that! Some of the popular patterns used in this style are triangles and squares. Triangles (also known as tessellations) can be found on rugs, cushions, and other furniture pieces. Squares, on the other hand, are often used on walls or ceilings to create interesting shapes.

Geometric patterns in a cushion

You can use geometric patterns in any room of your home—a living room or bedroom will both benefit from them. Go with upholstered furniture like couches and chairs with geometric designs (they'll match perfectly!). Then try using different colours on different pieces of art like paintings or prints (the more contrasting colours there are between objects in an area, the more interesting it becomes). Furthermore, if you're looking for something more traditional but still shows off some current trends (like stripes), then go ahead and put those stripes everywhere: wallpaper on walls; tablecloths; throw pillows; name it!

The Art Deco style was a major influence on interior design, so it's no surprise that the style has been revived in recent years. Whether you're looking for inspiration or need some new ideas for your own home, these cushions will help you create an Art Deco-inspired space.

Meticulously Handmade Cushions

If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort and style, handmade cushions are the way to go. You can find them in many different styles and designs, which means that they will match your decor perfectly. Handmade covers are also more durable than machine-made ones because they use higher quality materials such as wool or silk. They also have an upscale look about them which makes them ideal for high-end spaces like Art Deco-inspired homes or offices where you want something that stands out from others around it but still looks elegant too!

Lunja - Large Black Cactus Silk Lumbar Cushion

Lunja - Large Black Cactus Silk Lumbar Cushion

This handmade lumbar cushion was created by the Berber people of the Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco out of cactus silks from the Agave Sabra plant. The dark colours and regal patterns symbolize the souks and riads at the close of day, the twilight before night descends, the whispers of stories and forgotten tales. Lunja is the finishing touch you need for an Art Deco space! 

The cactus silks are made from a process of harvesting the leaves of the Agave Sabra cactus for the filaments within, which are then spun and woven. Traditionally the threads were dyed with spices and plant extracts. 10% of every cushion sold from our Moroccan collection goes to support the fabulous work of the Ims’ONE Project, a charity dedicated to the vaccination, health, and well-being of the Moroccan dogs and some cats too!

Choose your own Fabrics

Brown sofa with naturally-dyed cushions and colourful painting in the background

Choosing the fabric for your Art Deco space is a personal decision. You need to be sure that you like the look of the fabric, what it will look like in your room and how much money you want to spend on it.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you have a budget for this project, as well as whether or not this is something that can be done on a small scale (like painting) or if it needs more time and attention (like building an entire wall). If so, then make sure that whatever fabric choice you make fits into these parameters! Opt in with colours which suit your taste; match them with other elements such as furniture pieces or accessories; coordinate with other colours within their family groups (such as blues being complementary).

Maasai - Red & Blue Checked Cushion from Kenya

Maasai - Red & Blue Checked Cushion from Kenya

This dashing Shuka cushion is made from the Maasai blanket of a semi-nomadic tribe in East Africa. Colour red symbolizes the ochre of the soil and is being worn by the local tribe to ward off lions!

The last time I was in Kenya was to work at a Buddhist Festival held in the province of Laikipia in the rift valley where I got to make a 10-meter sculpture of Buddha out of mud, wood, and clay in much the same way the local houses are constructed. Several Samburu and Maasai women who are responsible for making the houses in these tribes helped me; their help was colourful and invaluable! Learn more about my trip to Kenya with my blog: Buddhism, Lions and the Shuka

Statement cushions are the way to go!

Patterned brown sofa set with a circular table at the center

Statement cushions are a great way to make an emphasis in any room. They can be used as accent pieces or as the main focus of your space, depending on what you want them to do. You want something that will work with your decor but also stands out enough that people notice it when they walk into the room. If you're going for a bold color choice like red, then go ahead and get yourself some red fabric! But if you're more interested in neutrals like grey or white, then don't worry about having only one-color palette—mixing patterns together will give them depth without making them look too busy or overbearing.

Another thing worth considering when deciding what kind of cushions would fit best is to use different textures! A smooth polyester might work well against an upholstered chair whereas satin could make for better contrast against wood floors (especially if those floors have been heavily stained). And lastly...don't forget about shape! Think geometric shapes like rectangles versus circles which tend not only take up less space but also stand out due their unique angles towards viewers' eyesight lines.

Sumba - Indigo Hand Woven Ikat Cushion

Sumba - Indigo Hand Woven Ikat Cushion

Sumba - Indigo Hand Woven Ikat Cushion

This hand woven Ikat cushion is named after the country in Indonesia that this stunning fabric comes from. Sumba depicts the pattern of the horse and the feminine. The spectacular and distinguished Ikat of Sumba is made of cotton hand spun, traditionally dyed with local plants (Kombu Indigo) and minerals. The pattern that is required on the cloth is knotted and bound into the warp yarn and the thread is dyed before weaving. The thread is spun from July to October, then bound for patterns until December. After the rainy season, they collect indigo plants and kombu tree leaves for dyeing. In summer, after harvest, women begin to weave, and it can take up to one year to create one piece of textile. The textile that this cushion is made from would have had up to 10 different people involved in its creation. Truly a statement piece for your Art Deco-inspired home!

Get inspired by the vibrant style of leaf patterns to spruce up your Art Deco space.

The leaf patterns are a great way to spruce up your Art Deco interior design. Leaf patterns have become a popular design choice for upholstery and decor. The natural colours and textures of leaves are perfect for bringing an organic feel to your space. Some of the best ways to incorporate leaf patterns into your interior design are by using them as a repeating pattern on upholstery, curtains, or pillows. You can also use them as a decorative element on furniture or walls.

Daun - Natural Hand Dyed Leaf Pattern Cushion

Daun - Natural Hand Dyed Leaf Pattern Cushion

This cushion is a good example of how you can use the leaf pattern to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere for an Art Deco space. Daun is made of 100% hand dyed cotton, which makes it unique and comfortable.

This exquisite natural dyed fabric comes from Tarum natural dye factory that can be found in East Bali and was founded by local brothers, Made and Andika in 2001. They now employ 30 local craftspeople and work with many different fashion and interior brands, including a piece worn by Rihanna!

The subtle leaf patterns of Daun echo the tropical plants that provide shade in the afternoon sun. Natural dyes are harvested by local craftspeople from homegrown plants and used not just to put colour but to make patterns too!

Daun is a nature’s wonder and a product of intricate work.

Use colourful cushions to create a striking visual impact.

Cushions are one of the best ways to create a striking visual impact to a room. They can be used to complement a particular colour theme, or they can be used as an accent to break up the monotony of the space. They also add colour and texture to an otherwise dull space, and they make it much more comfortable for people to sit on them.

Circus - Green and Burgundy Silk Cushion

Circus - Green and Burgundy Silk Cushion


Circus - Green and Burgundy Silk Cushion

This satin silk Ikat fabric sourced from Uzbekistan will remind you of something spectacular, hence the name - Circus. Doused with bright patterns and colours, Circus will introduce a distinct vibe of modernism to your Art Deco interior. Circus is a handmade piece and a modern take on the traditional silk Ikat. Backed with a rich burgundy corduroy for the accentuated feeling of luxury.

Cushions and carpets with artistic & geometric patterns

The Art Deco style has been around for quite some time, but it is still relevant today. It is a popular design style that can be fused into many aspects of your home from furniture to accessories to rugs and even cushions! 

We hope this blog gave you some inspiration on how to incorporate Art Deco style into your home and find cushions that would go well with the theme. Our ultimate collection of handmade cushions is locally sourced from the most interesting places in the textile industry. Every cushion tells a story of how each fabric symbolizes a significant aspect of a culture. This is our noble way of reviving the forgotten traditions of creating one-of-a-kind fabrics that transcend fab and craze. Cushions to delight! 

If you have thoughts or suggestions about the blog, please leave them in the comments below, we would love to hear them from you! 

Happy styling from The World In Cushions!

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