Fuchsia Pink Hand Embroidered Tribal Scatter Rectangle Cushion - FRONT
Dark Blue Linen Hand Embroidered Scatter Rectangle Cushion - BACK
Fuchsia Pink Hand Embroidered Tribal Scatter Rectangle Cushion - DETAIL
Unique Ikat and Hand Embroidered Scatter Rectangle Cushions in Pink, Navy Blue with Animal Motif

Fuchsia Pink Hand Embroidered Cushion | Frangipani

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This stunning pink cushion is made from hand-woven fabric originally made to be worn by Sumbanese women. The fabrics are created in a tubular form and worn folded over as a skirt, or "Lau". They are usually a plain weave which is then adorned with embroidery and sometimes even shells and beads. Sumbanese culture is rich with symbols and you can see the symbol for females embroidered into this piece.


Textiles in Sumba are traded or given to show a contract is binding, as a form of payment, dowery, or just as a show of gratitude and appreciation for another. The Sumbanese are buried with their textiles so that their ancestors can recognise them in the afterlife from the symbols embroidered or woven into the textiles that show social status, clan and wealth.

  • Dimensions 33cm x 69cm
  • Cotton
  • Sold with duck feather cushion pad
  • All cushions are handmade and there may be irregularities and small, charming imperfections

  Care: Dry Clean Only - Please keep out of direct sunlight as colours might fade