Patterned Cushions

Distinctive patterns inspired by the wondrous chronicles of the past

Our beautiful collection of the world's brightest patterned cushions is created with fabrics sourced on adventures far and wide. Incorporating Kente cloth from Ghana, Ikat cushions from Indonesia, and handwoven satin silks from Bhutan. Each cushion tells their own delightful story and has been handmade with love.

Having our patterned cushions in your home is surely the best way to achieve a magnificent symphony for the eyes. Every pattern has a symbolic meaning which makes them peculiar to a specific heritage.

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Interesting facets of culture weaved together into a majestic collection of cushions

Our patterned cushions are keepsakes of our extraordinary journey to notable places in the textile industry. In Sumbanese culture, Ikat is more than just a piece of fabric. Ikat symbolizes the social status, rank, or even individual characteristics of the wearer. In the Berber people of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, extensive skill is required to turn an Agave Sabra cactus into an artistic piece of textile. And in the fantastic country of Ghana, every colour shown in their Kente cloth has a surprising significance to their way of living. Greens indicate health and rejuvenation whilst mustards and yellows are for fertility and wealth.


Why Consider Our Patterned Cushions in Designing Your Home?

Putting together elements of pattern and sequence to your cushions will imbue a sense of distinctiveness to a space. They create an eye-catching quality to a lacklustre spot. Depending on how you put them together with your existing types of furniture, patterned style in cushions will guarantee a striking aesthetic and impressive texture to your home.

At The World In Cushions, we showcase patterned textiles that have historical importance. Each pattern is associated with a specific aspect of life, a significant ceremony, or an ancient tradition. We have accomplished this by traveling to the country of their origin and learning the culture from the awesome people that we met on our wonderful journey.

A great deal of hard work and craftsmanship is immersed in every piece of our patterned cushions, and you will certainly feel it once you embraced them. Placing our cushions in any space of your home will instill a sense of refinement and artistry. After all, your home should be surrounded by memorable pieces that will inspire you to look back and reminisce about forgotten histories that made us who we are.

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